The history of the company

Enthusiasm, research, love for music, commitment.
These are the distinctive traits of the Ciampi group: a key point of reference in the music world in Italy, with more than sixty years in the business.
It all started in the aftermath of the Second World War.
Mario Ciampi, a little over twenty years old, was driven by his great passion for the piano.  So keen was he that he started to visit the leading music workshops in the capital, working side by side with those who built and restored these fascinating instruments.  Soon, he managed to master the mechanics of the piano, discovering its secrets and coming to appreciate the underlying craftsmanship as fully as he could.  
His enthusiasm and ability soon brought him to the attention of the great professional musicians of the day. Pianists, musicians and orchestra conductors came to him because they knew they could put their faith in his technical expertise.


It was in 1945 that he opened the first Ciampi store. Barely 35 square metres in Via Vespasiano, in the heart of the elegant Roman district of Prati, it became a small, hallowed temple to refined, classical music.
Within a few years, Mario Ciampi’s profound knowledge of the instrument and entrepreneurial flair had taken him to new heights. 
Petrof, the historic Czechoslovakian piano firm known throughout the world for the high quality of its instruments, selected Ciampi as its only Italian agent.  This was an important agreement and recognition of the status the Italian firm had achieved within the profession.
The little store of Via Vespasiano was soon extended, becoming a real centre of excellence. Musicians of great renown turned to Ciampi because they could be certain he would give them the best instruments for their performances.
Among them was Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, one of the greatest Italian pianists who, when in Rome on tour, used Ciampi’s premises to rehearse hour after hour before his concerts. The artist was known for his deep knowledge of the piano and demanded instruments that matched his insistence on perfection.
The Ciampi store was, without doubt, the best place to satisfy the stringent requirements of this great artist. Not only this: a real relationship of esteem and deep friendship sprang up between this celebrated musician and Mario Ciampi. Michelangeli would visit Ciampi regularly during his trips to Rome.
Not only Michelangeli, but also Franco Ferrara, Willy Ferrero, Carlo Zecchi, Franco Mannino, Arthur Rubinstein, Svjatoslav Teofilovi-Richter, Fabrizio Campisi, Piero Piccioni and Nino Rota, the composer of the soundtracks of some of Fellini’s most famous films, and the unforgettable Modugno – all of them came to regard the store in Via Vespasiano as their point of reference in Rome.
Ciampi’s stores offered them instruments that were perfect from the technical point of view, backed up with constant, attentive assistance during rehearsals and performances.
These were the golden years of Italian cinema and music was a fundamental element, composed specifically by great masters like Armando Trovaioli and Stelvio Cipriani, both loyal customers of Ciampi. 
Close friendships were forged, especially with maestro Trovaioli, a friendship which passed to the second generation and continues to this day.
Musicians, composers, music professionals and more: actors and celebrities, too. Among them Alberto Sordi, Marcello Mastroianni, Sofia Loren, Giuliano Gemma, Vittorio De Sica, Monica Vitti, Totò and Aldo Fabrizi are just a few of the most popular personalities who, in those days, put their trust in Ciampi and helped increase the fame and success of the firm.  
The store that Mario Ciampi started with in 1945 was no longer big enough to meet the rising demand so he opened another, larger one also in Via Vespasiano.
At the same time, the range of Ciampi’s services was broadened and diversified: alongside the sale of new, prestigious instruments, Mario Ciampi opened up a vibrant market in used instruments. He personally toured Europe in search of the best instruments to select and buy.
The Ciampi range became more and more varied, with instruments of the very highest value.


In 1965, Mario was joined by his son, Silvio, and the firm grew even bigger: the store in Via Vespasiano was extended into a bustling sales point, with three floors entirely dedicated to pianos.
In addition, a new store was opened in Via Germanico, a few yards from the first two, which specialised in the sale of various musical instrument, no longer just pianos.
Now the famous Hammond organs were to be found in the new premises, and became a popular instrument in the jazz and rock scene of the sixties.  
Attention to the market and innate intuition about music trends are characteristic of the Ciampi family, a Mecca for musicians in Italy for more than sixty years.

In more than sixty years of successful trading, the Ciampi group has always been able to reinvent itself, in step with a changing world, reconciling tradition and modernity.
The entry in the group of the third generation of the family provided new impetus to this business acumen. 
Today, the Ciampi group is synonymous with music at every level, with two stores, a showroom, a music school and a cultural association.
In Via Tommaso d’Aquino, alongside a vast array of prestige pianos, there’s also space devoted to hosting cultural events of various types, connected to the world of music: book presentations, concerts, recitals, film shows.  The Ciampi showroom, recently refurbished, has fine acoustics which make it ideal for recordings, using top quality equipment with the constant assistance of highly qualified personnel.
The latest news from the Ciampi group is the opening of the Gibson Boutique.

The company today

Thanks to an agreement with Gibson, one of the most famous brands among electric and acoustic guitar makers, the Ciampi firm has created a new music centre in Via Germanico dedicated to fans of this famous instrument, the choice of artists of the calibre of Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa and Eric Clapton. This is the ideal place to find your own Gibson with the option of customising it to order.
In more than sixty years in the business, the Ciampi group has shown itself to be a company that is willing and able to grow, renewing itself and keeping up with the times, remaining a point of reference of excellence in the world of music.  This can be seen from our website, which offers a way of continuously interfacing with the company. There’s the option to buy online, through the Ciampi Shop initiative, an idea championed by the third generation of the family.  Secure purchasing and professional assistance, the hallmarks of Ciampi quality, are also a feature of our on-line services.
The site is not just focused on the sale of instruments of the highest value, but is also engaged in associations with renowned production houses throughout the word, with areas dedicated to listening to and creating great music, in addition to the on-line sales. All this makes up the Ciampi group.  Music at every level for more than sixty years.